Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked Questions

Visforms error: TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: fix helvetica
Where is the submit button?
Add submit button to form
Transfer Page URL
How can I paste the URL of the page as a value in a hidden field and transmit it?
Backup and Import Forms
Save forms and import them to another Joomla installation
Submit-Button is Disabled
Submit button is disabled and not working
Remove 'Powered by' Link
Can I hide the backlink on vi-solutions?
Captcha image is missing
Visforms captcha does not show an image
Internal Server Error
The PHP error 'Internal Server Error' occurs during the installation of the free basic version of Visforms.
Form export: Missing data
After the form export and subsequent form import, the user data is missing
Page with form does not start at top
A page with a form in a module does not start at the beginning of the page
Prevent spaces in text field
Prevent spaces at the beginning and end of text fields
Delete data in the frontend
Is it possible to delete data in the frontend?
Copy form with fields
Is it possible to copy a form including all fields, all settings and all dependencies?
Conditional fields with logical AND
Is it possible to connect conditional fields with logical AND?
Flagged as spammer
The form could not be sent because your email or IP is listed in an official spambot database.
Form changed after update
The form looks different or strange after a Visforms update.
Plugin Form View changes form
The form looks different or strange when displayed by the 'Content Plugin - Visforms Form View'.
Replace Joomla contact form
Is it possible to replace the Joomla contact form with Visforms?
Sorting by order in lists
How to change the sorting by order in the list views?