Visforms 2.0.0

Date: February 13, 2014
Stability: Stable
System Requirements: Joomla 2.5

New feature

  • Include Google ReCaptcha
  • Frontend Data View: Allow publishing data in details view which are not published in list view and vice versa
  • Show created date in data list view (backend)
  • New parameter email from name
  • Parameter to choose the position of text “Required”
  • Include a download link in recipient email
  • Package installation of component, module and plugins
  • Submenu for component menu
  • Improved english translations
  • Use of jquery validation plugin for formcheck instead of mootools
  • Adaptation to Joomla! MVC
  • New email options: Email From Name
  • New export options: Export published fields only, Export published recordsets only, Export field “Published”, Use Windows Charset, Parameter to exclude field from data export


  • Use default field order as field order in data list and details views (front- and backend)


  • Delete linebreaks in textareas inputs which will break excel layout (data export)
  • Prevent direct access of backend edit views (via url)
  • no storage of absolut path anymore. This makes it possible to show either just the file name or a path to file
  • Throw an error message if upload folder does not exist directly when form is saved (instead of complicated texts in backend which will show up only after form is saved)
  • New view “Information & Help”
  • Better structure of css selectors and rules
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