Visforms 3.1.0

Date: May 14, 2014
Stability: Stable
System Requirements: Joomla 3

New feature


  • Date fields feature in frontend a calendar to pick a date, even if they are set to readonly.
  • Some field names prevent form submit from working properly, because they interfere with the request. Fixed for field names “id, view, itemid, fid, option, task, lang, language”
  • Email from settings in form are not used
  • Closing div is missing in the message that is displayed after form is successfully send
  • Problems when use form or dataview as frontpage
  • Listbox for field type selection must be of type required
  • created in e-mail and database are always UTC
  • Dataview Frontend field “id” is irritating because numbers are not consecutive when datasets are deleted.
  • Set user permission for visforms.css to 644 before copying file during update


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