Subscription 3.4.7

Date: January 31, 2019
Stability: Beta
System Requirements: Joomla 3.9 or higher and Visforms 3.13.9 or higher

New Feature

  • Plugin Mail Attachments: Allow to set all plugin options separately for the mails send after the form was submitted and the mails, send after the data were edited in frontend.
  • Plugin Mail Attachments: Allow to attach a pfd from pdf template to the mails


  • Plugin Mail Attachments: Attaching mail as pdf causes TCPDF Error if images are included in mail body
  • using & in field label, causes fatal error in frontend data view
  • option list of sql fields is not loaded properly in edit view, if it uses a select or checkboxgroup with multeselection as input parameter placeholder
  • Installation breaks with blank page, if path to log folder in Joomla! configuration is invalide or log folder not writable.
  • Plugin Form View: Visforms Captcha Options changes are only used after session was finished


  • Plugin Mail Attachments: Switch to use visTCPDF class in order to create PDF documents (previously custom code was used in plugin)
  • Intensive Code Refactoring
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