Visforms 3.2.0

Date: November 07, 2014
Stability: Beta
System Requirements: Joomla 3.3.6 und höher

New feature

  • New form layout: Choose between the old Visforms Layout and two Bootstrap Layouts.
    The Bootstrap Layouts implements the default Bootstrap layout and the horizontal Bootstrap layout for frontend design of Form
  • New Field Type “Checkbox Group”
  • Allow the use of Url parameter to make forms more flexible
  • Additional validation: Support validation with custom validation rules (regex)
  • Additional validation: Enforce identical values in two or more form fields in form validation (equalTo-Validation)
  • Additional validation: Enforce unique values in stored user input
  • Set focus on first form field
  • Edit stored user inputs in administration, including ACL
  • Introduction of conditional fields
  • New export option: Choose between semicolon and comma as separator in export
  • Multiple css files, each editable through administration
  • Better implementation of features that support people with disabilities (aria technic)
  • Check that typefield has a selected value
  • Make sure that required field options are set in field configuration
  • New field options: Hide label and allow placeholder text in inputs
  • More flexibility to display the Required * (via css)
  • New field option: Choose the position of custom text
  • Change proprietary format for storage of select, radio and checkbox group options to JSON
  • Changed the interface that is used to create option lists for radios, checkbox groups and selects.
    Move options up and down is possible with this interface.
  • Start to establish an event system that supports native Joomla plugin development for Visforms
  • New form options for email settings: Allow different email from and email fromname for result and receipt
  • Add replayTo header to mail (hopefully fewer problems with being blocked as spam):
    Mailfrom should always use the registered domain name of the website to prevent mails from being classified as spam (by relay server)



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