Subscription 4.3.1

Date: Oct 12, 2023
Stability: Stable
Compatibility: PHP 7, 8.0, 8.1 or 8.2
System Requirements: Joomla 4 and Visforms Base Package 4.3.1 or higher

New Feature

  • Allow to set a default option for SQL fields
  • Allow hiding label of SQL fields
  • SQL field Option ‘preselect solitary option’: Always preselect a solitary option: not only on reload now


  • PHP 8.2: Removed PHP 8.2 incompatibilities
  • PDF: Manual page break sometimes creates an empty space
  • Double-Opt-In: Invalide activation of Double-Opt-In data on HEAD requests
  • SQL field: Invalid class attributes in SQL field, if option ‘render as data list’ is set


  • Complete adaptations for PHP 8.2: First version compatible with PHP 8.2
  • Do not hide SQL fields, if user inputs are invalid
  • Import Forms: Create Upload directory if it does not exist
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