Visforms 3.12.0

Date: September 19, 2018
Stability: Beta
System Requirements: Joomla 3.8 und höher

New feature

  • Add field option “show label” to all field types (only available with Bootstrap 4 Layouts)
  • Administration: Direct access to data list view from field list and to field list from data list view
  • Noscript warning, if Javascript is disabled in browser


  • Set data view field ordering does not work properly
  • Error Message “Captcha is Required” is not removed, when Recaptcha2 is solved


Code refactoring

  • Switch to modified Joomla! Libraries (For Transition to Joomla! 4)
  • Always use database classes for accessing the database (will allow making Visforms compatible with other database driver)
  • Remove mootools code from admin view files
  • Refactored installer script
  • Fix logging in installer script
  • Add Code to convert character-set to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci if supported by database engine
  • Use new Joomla! Router
  • Move view “message” as layout into view “visforms”
  • Clean up class attributes in form and frontend data views
  • Refactor function send in visforms controller
  • Discard old url encoding, use function in visforms helper instead
  • Use attribute data-error-container-id for better performance in frontend form view
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