Visforms 3.8.11

Date: December 08, 2016
Stability: Stable
System Requirements: Joomla 3.3.6 and higher

New feature


  • If unique value validation fails in php because two record sets with the same value are stored at the same time, layout of multistep forms was broken after re-display of form
  • Bugfix for: Error 1305 FUNCTION [Datenbank]. CHAR_LENGTH does not exist


  • Profound code refactoring with the aim to improve the validity of (stored) user inputs throughout the different views and tasks which can be performed with Visforms
  • Always set field default values in form definition => precondition for proper working of reset button and field type calculation
  • Set field values from user input with javascript, after page is loaded
  • Always get proper default values for field regardless of whether it comes form an url param or the field configuration
  • Always get the proper user input from real user inputs or from stored data regardless of the view (form or edit) and regardless of the “state”
    (display or re-display after php validation failed)
  • If a field is disabled, reset its value to the default value
  • Store empty string "” (instead of NULL) as value of disabled fields in database (this is the value which is stored if the data are edited in the administration)
    => avoid conflicts with invalide data that results from simultaneous editing in backend and frontend
  • Move javascript code from validation.php to visforms.js, make sure, that code is only included once, even if there are more than one form on the site
  • Enable Submit Button only if there are no Javascript errors (which usually are the result of JavaScript incompatibilities from other third party extensions) on the page

Notice: This is the first stable release of the Visforms 3.8.x series. Since Visforms 3.8.0 beta was released in April 2016, we have added lots of new feature to the free Visforms versions. Please check the release notes for the respective release below.

Caution: If you update from Visforms 3.7 or lower and if you have created overrides of Visforms files in your template you must remove these overrides. Otherwise Visforms will not work after the update.

Caution: Please clear all caches (including browser cache) after the update in order to remove cached JavaScript.

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