Visforms 4.1.1

Date: October 11, 2021
Stability: Stable

New Feature

  • New Option to encode/decode redirect URL parameter values


  • Fix: Item up and item down arrows in itemlistcreator are not disabled properly
  • Fix fatal error “Class not found” in frontend VisformsController on line 343
  • Fix broken display of bootstrap alerts for success and error messages in frontend form views
  • Fix broken german translation in administration
  • Fix: Visforms collapsable css breaks Joomla menu layout


  • Fix database maintenance error messages
  • Fix accessibility issues in search filter in frontend data views
  • Fix duplicate id-attributes “ajax-modal-error-dialog” on pages with multiple forms.
  • Remove empty h4 in frontend form views
  • Fix Joomla icon layout in Visforms toolbar header in administration
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