Visforms 3.8.19

Date: March 15th, 2017
Stability: Stable
System Requirements: Joomla 3.3.6 und höher

New feature

  • Move option list items in field administration with drag and drop (Henk, thanks for sponsoring this development!)
  • allow selecting how restrictive upload files are checked before upload
  • New event “onVisformsBeforeEmailPrepare” with form as parameter


  • Label of step back button (form configuration) was not displayed properly on all back buttons due to missing code in layout files of pagebreak field type.
    Changes in Visforms Core were required to fix the problem
  • Options in option lists of fields of type radio, select or checkboxgroup, which contain a ‘<’ character could not be saved properly
  • Using fields of type file as placeholder in mail returns empty value instead of file name


  • Only submit used configuration settings when field configuration is saved - better use of resources
  • Prevent notice “undefined property: stdClass::$unchecked_value” in components/com_visforms/lib/business/checkbox.php on line 111
  • Prevent use of Visforms Captcha options “Recaptcha” if recaptcha Plugin is not enabled because this causes major display problems with the form
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