Visforms 3.5.1

Date: July 09, 2015
Stability: Beta
System Requirements: Joomla 3.3.6 and higher

New feature

  • Make form HTML in frontend overrideable, use of JLayout Class
  • Customize Visforms Captcha, new options in form configuration: use mathematical captcha, customize colors, distortions, noise
  • Edit result mail text (including placeholder)
  • Options to hide submitted data, ip, created in result mail


  • User inputs have not been cleaned after successful form submit, if the form uses a redirect URL
  • Set a minimum value of 0 was not possible for fields of type number
  • Display of number fields of type number was not correct in some browsers. (It was possible to choose a value below the minimum value with browser control)
  • Option “Allow data frontend view” was not used
  • Sort filter in data view in administration always vanished, even if set
  • Active menu item in component administration views was always set to “Forms”
  • Date control of fields of type date did not work, when form was displayed again after failed php validation of user inputs
  • Don’t show the message that a field cannot be unpublished (due to its usage as condition for another field), when the field is published
  • Remove Joomla! validation message in form and field edit view (displayed when title/label and name where not entered),
    when these fields are filled properly but another input is not valid
  • Frontend Data View option to set the list limit did not work if the value “Show All” was selected


  • Buttons added to task panel in administration views, in order to make navigation easier: Back to form (in fields list and data list), Data (in form edit view)
  • Form information added in: field list, field edit view, data list
  • Add “Save and New” respectively “Add and New” buttons to form that is used to create options for selects, radios and checkbox groups
  • Adapt titel for form, that is used to create options for selects, radios and checkbox groups to the task that is currently performed (Create Option/Change Option)
  • Hide custom field configuration options in field edit view, if they cannot be used with the selected field type
  • Change the order in which options in field edit view are displayed, so that they are grouped and better the view has a more user-friendly structure
  • Code improvements to avoid php notices
  • Handle missing or empty forms in frontend views with proper messages
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