Subscription 3.2.0

Date: Februar 26, 2018
Stability: Release Candidate
System Requirements: Joomla 3.8 or higher and Visforms 3.11.0

New Feature

  • New field type signature
  • Add absolute and relative validation of a minimum and maximum value for date fields
  • Allow to set a default value in date fields that is relative to the current date (i.e. 2 days in the future)
  • Allow to set a calculation value for fields that is used in calculations, if the field is left empty.
    As a result fields, used in calculations can be hidden in mails, details views and summary page using the “Hide empty field” options.
  • Decide whether a calculation result of zero should be treated like an empty value


  • Values of field of type location are not displayed properly on summary page


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