Visforms 4.2.2

Date: Mar 8, 2023
Stability: Stable
Compatibility: PHP 7, 8.0, 8.1

New Feature

  • Add loading of custom CSS files for view ‘result page’
  • Add global Visforms option: Character limit in administration data view


  • Fix: Upload Field: Error Message is delayed
  • Fix PHP 8.1 incompatibilities of date fields
  • Fix: Use of ‘@’ sign in hint for E-Mail field results in broken field layout
  • Fix: Textarea: Frontend: Edit view does not show field content
  • Fix Problems resulting from invalid characters in custom translations, which are used in JavaScript messages


  • Upload Field: change position of ‘Clear Selection’ link/button
  • Escape HTML entities in tooltip texts
  • E-Mail: Add data: Fields with option list: New Default: Display option label as value
  • Code refactoring
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