Subscription 4.3.0

Date: May 22, 2023
Stability: Beta
Compatibility: PHP 7, 8.0, 8.1

New Feature

  • New Visforms Plugin ‘Frontend Webassets’.
    Form configuration has a new tab ‘Frontend Webassets’ to add JavaScript and CSS direct to a specific form view.
  • New form options: Publish Up/Publish Down
  • For logged-in users: Submit form only once: Display message if user cannot edit own data
  • Field Configuration: Custom Text Position: New Option: Replace Field Label’
  • Content Plugin Form View: Add new default value option: Use ‘Article Title’: [_articletitle]
  • PDF Templates: Add feature ‘manual page break’


  • Sort order does not work in Content Plugin Data View
  • Filetype hidden: Some language tags for the default value options are incorrect


  • Do not use Captchas in frontend edit views
  • Import Forms: Create Upload directory if it does not exist
  • SQL fields: Data in e-mails: Allow using option values
  • SQL fields: Improve readability of SQL-Statements: Allow the use of linebreaks and tab-stops in SQL-statements
  • Refactoring of old feature ‘Submit form only once’
  • PDF: Prevent TCPDF: Fatal Error ‘cannot redeclare class…', if TCPDF is also used by another extension
  • Improve installation/update messages
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