Use Early Release Candidates

Use a version with “release candidate” stability level

Allow users to test new features early

We continuously add requested new features. The development of new features usually requires numerous code changes.

These code changes require extensive testing. Although we always test very thoroughly, we cannot recreate all scenarios in which Visforms is used by the tens of thousands of users.

We sometimes release early versions that carry the “Release Candidate” stability level. With this we also enable the tens of thousands of users of Visforms

  • an early testing
  • an early use of new features.

We would like to emphasize here that we have already tested our release candidates very well. Simply because we also use release candidates early on our own website. Despite this, we still strongly recommend always testing in a non-production environment first.

Note: Please note that we always deliver the latest stable version when you buy a Visforms Subscription.

Use the new feature early

Suppose you want to use a brand-new feature that is currently only available in an early “release candidate” version.

To install this version on your system, you need to do the following manually:

  • Download the installation file of the desired release candidate from our download area: Downloads.
  • Install the installation file via the menu item System » Install » Extension.

Of course, you have to

  • have an active Visforms Subscription and
  • log in to our website with the user under which you purchased the Subscription.

Note: Each Visforms Subscription requires a fixed minimum version of the free Visforms component. Usually you will first have to update the free Visforms component to the appropriate minimal version. Please also download this from our download area.