Demos and Template Templates

PDF demos and template selections are the best way to get started

Take your time to look at our PDF demos and template selections. To help you get started with PDF templates, we have created a number of different PDF template demos and template selections.

We highly recommend that you install the PDF demo forms. This is easily done with a button click on the ‘Install PDF Example’ tile in the Visforms Dashboard under the ‘Manage Subscription’ group. Then take a good look at both the PDF template demos and our template selections.

Note: If you want to get your hands dirty and test with the demos, it's probably a good idea to make a copy of the relevant PDF template first.

Manage Subscription: Click the 'Install PDF Example' tile

Don’t pay attention to the example texts

We apologize that the lyrics in the PDF demos are a wild mix of German, English and Lorem Ipsum lyrics. Please do not pay attention to the specific texts.

Your only purpose is to have content that can be used to show how you can achieve a particular layout. This includes, among other things, arranging the data in 2 or 3 columns or placing longer continuous texts and logos.

The important thing is the HTML structure

It’s the structure of the HTML that matters. You can view the HTML structure particularly well if you “toggle” the editor to Code view.

You can learn a lot from the HTML structure of the examples. Among other things, it is the embedded SQL statements and their use that you should take a close look at. We also apologize that some fields and sample data may seem a bit strange.

Our goal was to provide complete, ready-to-use forms filled with sufficient sample data and sample texts. If these examples don’t make complete sense in terms of content, then in our opinion it doesn’t really detract from the great learning and demonstration value.

Note: It is of course possible with Visforms to create particularly beautiful forms and customer-friendly PDF printouts.