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PDF download in frontend data views

Depending on user permissions, Visforms can display PDF Download links in the frontend data views. You can set this feature in the form configuration on the “Data display in the frontend” tab.

With the option “Show PDF Download Button” you can specify in which views the link should be displayed:

  • list,
  • details,
  • both.

Which PDF template is used?

Then select which PDF template should be used. There are two options for the individual data record and the entire list.

PDF template for single data record

If you have selected a “PDF Template for Single Record”, a PDF download link will be displayed behind each record for which the user has permission to download the PDF. The template is also used for the detail view.

PDF template for list

If you have selected a “PDF template for list” and the user has permission to create a PDF document for at least one data record, a PDF download button will be displayed above the data list. This can be used to create a PDF document with all data records that are currently displayed in the data view (ignoring pagination) and that the user can “export”.

On the “Result” tab in the form configuration you can set that a link is displayed in the result text with which he can download a PDF document of his transmission. The result text is displayed to the user after the form has been successfully submitted. The template selected in the settings is used to create the PDF document.

This feature works even if the “Save result” option is not activated. If the user exits the page with the result message or reloads it using F5, the link is no longer valid.

Send a PDF with result mail or user mail

This is done using the Visforms plugin “Attach PDF to Email”. More in: PDF as mail attachment.

PDF fonts: problems with characters

Note: Not all PDF fonts offered can display all characters correctly.

In this case, a question mark is displayed instead of the character in the PDF document.

The following fonts offer complete support for all characters available in the UTF-8 character set:

  • free mono
  • freesans
  • dejavuesans
  • dejavuesans condensed
  • dejavuesansmono
  • dejavu serif
  • dejavueserifcondensed


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