Fix problems

Configure Joomla and Visforms correctly

Within Visforms, sending emails is a very stable and error-free functionality. Once it has been configured correctly in Joomla and Visforms so that it works, the cause of missing emails is usually not Visforms’ fault.

No form email sent

Note: Sending a custom email to the form sender requires at least one form field of type Email. It is not enough to give a text field the title or the name "E-Mail".

There are actually numerous players involved in the workflow of sending emails.

The following areas are not part of the Visforms code, but are the responsibility of the respective administrator:

  • Joomla,
  • the configured webmailer,
  • the email server,
  • the provider,
  • the email client,
  • IP blacklists and
  • various spam filters.

Note: The configuration of these players is often the cause of emails not arriving as expected.

Email receipt can be refused

In particular, it is also possible that the email address used is rejected by the recipient. The entire domain under which the email is sent may also be blocked by the recipient in one way or another.

Note: Sometimes this rejection is only temporary, short-term and temporary.

Testing the affected email sending outside of the form

This can be remedied by testing the affected email delivery outside of the form.
Sending emails is also a recurring topic in the forum. Until now, it was generally the above ‘third parties’ that had led to problems and irregularities.