Examples of use

Some application examples

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

These examples use the data from our demo entry form for a sporting event. They should give you an impression of how flexibly and differently you can display form data with the help of the plugin. Ultimately, however, this is still only a very small selection of the display options that the flexible plugin offers you.

Space-saving display of all data in a table with pagination

The plugin string used:

{vfdataview}{"formid":"7","fieldlist":"89,90,91,92,93","display_num":"5","show_page_heading":"false","displaydetail":"true "}{/vfdataview}

Instead of the plugin string, the data of the fields with ID 89, 90, 91, 92 and 93 from the form with ID 7 is displayed in tabular form. The display of the form title is suppressed and a separate heading is inserted in the article. Separate pagination is displayed for the records, showing 5 records per page.

If you use multiple instances of the plugin in one article to display different lists of data with pagination, that’s no problem. All pagination work completely independently of each other.

Complete entry list

Display of the last transmitted data set

The plugin string used:

{vfdataview}{"formid":"7","count":"1","sortorder":"created","sortdirection":"desc","layout":"list","fieldlist":"89 ,90,91,92,93","displaycreated":"true","show_page_heading":"false"}{/vfdataview}

The plugin string causes only data from the most recent record of the form with ID 7 to be displayed. In this case, the representation type is a definition list. Only the relevant data in the fields with ID 89, 90, 91, 92 and 93 are displayed, plus the transmission date.

Latest Message

First name
Last name
running distance
10 kilometers

Record selection based on user input

The plugin string used:

{vfdataview}{"formid":"7","fieldselect":{"92":"w","93":"10 kilometers"},"fieldlist":"89.90","show_page_heading":" false"}{/vfdataview}

This string means that only the datasets of female participants who have chosen a running distance of 10 kilometers are displayed. These are data records that have the value “w” in the field with the ID 92 and the value “10 kilometers” in the field with the ID 93. The fields ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ are displayed. These are the fields with the ID 89 and 90.

Participants in the 10 km run

Large number of different parameters

The Content Plugin - Visforms Data evaluates a large number different parameters, with which almost any representation of form data can be realized. A full list of parameters can be found here: List of Plugin Parameters.