Show Uploaded Images

View uploaded images

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

The Visforms Subscription expands your options for displaying uploaded image files.

  • You can display uploaded image files as an image in the frontend.
  • You can use placeholders for user data that insert an uploaded image file in the text as an image.
    You can use placeholders for user data in the result text, emails and PDF documents.

Display uploaded image files as images in the frontend

Additional field options for file upload type fields

Show uploaded image

You can set that an uploaded image file is displayed as an image in a data view in the frontend. You make the setting for each field and each view type in the field configuration of the file upload field. The image display setting is located in the field configuration on the “Advanced” tab.

The field option “Data display in the frontend” differentiates between the two view types “List” and “Detail”. Depending on the selected combination of the two view types, only the display options for images for which a data display is activated in the frontend are visible directly below.

If the “Show as image” option is activated, then Visforms examines whether the uploaded file is an image file (jpg, png, gif, bmp, jpeg) and also displays image files as an image.

Insert uploaded image files as image using placeholder

Visform’s placeholder

In all places where you use Visforms placeholders, you can insert an uploaded image file as an image. Visforms placeholders are used to insert submitted data into a text.

Possible places for placeholders are

  • in the result text,
  • in email texts and
  • in PDF templates.

More in: Data in emails and success message.

Visforms Subscription placeholder with additional options

The Visforms Subscription adds new placeholders with additional options to the placeholder list. For each field of type “File Upload” you get 5 additional placeholders. Select the placeholder with the additional text “(image as image)".

Image placeholder

If Visforms finds a corresponding placeholder, it checks whether the uploaded file is an image file (jpg, png, gif, bmp, jpeg) and inserts the image file as an image.