Getting Started

First steps

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

For a better understanding, we recommend reading the documentation completely and using the Section Introduction to start.
Relationships explained in earlier sections of the documentation are not repeated here.

Note: Please make sure you have installed your Visforms Subscription.

Installing the Visforms Subscription adds a new field type Location to your Visforms installation, which you can automatically use in all forms from now on. The new field type is displayed like any other Visforms field type in the field configuration in the “Type” selection list.

Note: You need a Google Maps API Key.

Select Google Maps platforms

If you want to use the map function of the location field, you need a Google Maps API key. You can get this key from Google.

It must include the following APIs:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API,
  • Google Maps Geocoding API and
  • Google Places API Web Services.

These 3 APIs are automatic when you select the Google Maps platforms “Maps” and “Places” during the key registration process.

Store Google Maps API Key

After you have created a Google Maps API key, you must deposit it with Visforms. In the Visforms dashboard, click on the “Options” tile or the options button at the top right. You get to the global Visforms options. Switch to the “Advanced” tab. Enter your key in “Your Google Maps API Key” and save your changes.