Auto Check In

Automatically check in open records

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

If a record is opened in the frontend for editing, Visforms locks it for other users to edit. This is a security measure to prevent two users from editing the same record at the same time.

If a user exits the edit view properly via the save or the cancel button, the data record is automatically released again. However, if the user exits the view in some other way, for example by closing the browser window, the data record remains incorrectly locked. This can be very annoying. Especially when different users want to edit the same data set one after the other. It is then no longer possible for other users to check in the data in the frontend. Because only the user who locked the data record can open it again in the frontend for editing.

The point in time at which a data record was checked out and locked at the same time is known. Visforms now allows you to set a time span for the following operation. A record that has already been checked out is automatically checked in after another user tries to open it in the frontend for editing.

This is a global Visforms setting and is located within Joomla’s “Global Configuration”:

  • In the administration, open the Visforms Dashboard by going to Components » Visforms in the main menu.
  • Then click the “Options” tile or Options button at the top right of the Visforms dashboard.
    This takes you to the global Visforms options.
  • Now switch to the “Advanced” tab.
  • In the “Frontend Edit Auto Check-in Time” option, enter a time in minutes.
    After this period of time, a record opened for editing in the frontend is automatically released again if another attempt is made to open it for editing in the frontend.
  • Set the option to “0” to disable automatic check-in. “0” is the default value for this setting.

Suppose you assume that a user usually does not need more than a few minutes to edit a data record. In this case a value of 120 should be a good value for an automatic check-in.