What does the Subscription offer

From form generator to application builder

A very solid basic functionality is already available in the free Joomla form component Visforms. In addition, we offer a paid Subscription for Visforms. This expands the free Visforms version with numerous and far-reaching functions and plugins.

On the one hand, the Visforms Subscription enables you to integrate your forms perfectly into the design of your website with little effort thanks to comprehensive UI framework support. Responsive, multi-column displays can be easily implemented. The quality of the effort-free implementation is only limited by the quality of the UI template used, in which Visforms displays its forms.

On the other hand, with the Visforms Subscription it is possible to open up completely new areas of application for Visforms in handling and processing the transferred user data. In short, the Subscription turns an already powerful form generator into an application development platform.

Overview of the most important additional functions

  • Multi-page forms
  • Additional field types: calculation, location and signature
  • SQL-driven fields whose option list is dynamically generated from the database
  • Show form in article
  • Show form data in article
  • Edit form data in frontend
  • Create PDF documents
  • Specify individual email attachments
  • UI framework integration: Responsive and multi-column forms using UIKit and Bootstrap templates
  • Double opt-in
  • Copy form definitions between websites using export and import
  • Finder plugin
  • Flexible, configurable search filters for frontend data views
    including the possibility to include fields in the search that are not displayed
  • Different success pages depending on user input in the form
  • Sending the success email to different email addresses depending on user input in the form
  • Additional options for date fields
  • Automatically delete saved data after a set period of time
  • Verify the existence of a submitted email address
  • Show uploaded images in frontend as images
  • Export saved transfers to CSV in frontend
  • Show only own records in the frontend data views
  • Display individual data set via menu item

License model

We offer different Subscription models for use on one, four or an unlimited number of domains. All models have the same range of functions and a term of one year. During this time you have

  • Access to all new developments through updates and
  • ask your own questions in the lively forum.

The forum

We provide and deliver our technical support through the Visforms Forum. Everyone can then read the answer there, any technical back-and-forth remains clear and posts can also be changed/edited afterwards. You will be answered promptly and if there is a bug fix, you will be explicitly informed about the release. The answers are usually detailed, contain a concrete example if it makes sense and name the setting of other parameters that are worth mentioning in the context.

Where can I purchase the Subscription?

You can purchase the Subscription directly on our website: Buy Visforms Subscription.