Error Sources and No-Go's

Sources of error and a few things you should definitely avoid

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

For a better understanding, we recommend reading the documentation completely and using the Section Introduction to start.
Relationships explained in earlier sections of the documentation are not repeated here.

You must never do that

Display the same form more than once on the page at the same time.

Something like this can happen:

  • They packed the form in a module that is displayed on every page.
  • At the same time you have a menu for editing the data of this form.

In the “Edit data view” the form would then be displayed twice on the page at the same time. The form would appear in the module and also in the edit view.

You should definitely pay attention to this

Never display together on one page

Display several forms on one page at the same time:

  • Forms with captchas.
  • Forms with fields with the same name.

Always display together on one page

Suppose you use “conditional” fields in your form. The “conditional” fields only appear when a specific value is selected in another field. Then you should definitely make sure of the following.

Note: The triggering field and the dependent field should always appear on one page. Even if you use the "same value as" validation in a form field, it is important that both fields involved in the validation are on one page.

The background is that Visforms validates the user input page by page in multi-page forms.

If the triggering and conditional fields are not on the same page, this can lead to this

  • that the form validation returns unexpected results or
  • that input errors are only found in the PHP-side validation and the form is resubmitted to the user.

No last field of type “page break”

You should not add a “Page break” field as the last field, as this will create a blank last page in the form.

Clicking a button does nothing

Suppose the buttons in your multi-page form are not working correctly. This is almost always a sign of the following possible causes:

  • You have not followed at least one of the above rules.
  • There is a massive JavaScript error on your website.
    Multi-page forms require working JavaScript to display, control validation, build the overview page, and more.
    This inevitably leads to errors, for example if the same form is displayed more than once on a page at the same time.