Show Single Record

View a single record from the menu

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

The Visforms Subscription adds a new view to Visforms for data display in the frontend. You have the option of displaying a single data set directly. This is done via a menu entry of the type Visforms » Form data single data set.

Display a single record in the frontend

Perform the following steps to display a single record in the frontend:

  • Create a new menu entry in the administration of your website.
  • Select Visforms » Form data single data set as the menu item type.
  • Then the “Choose a form” option will become visible. Here you select the form to which the data record belongs.
  • After you have selected the form, the option “Select record” will become visible. Select the data record that you want to display here.
  • On the “Show form data options” tab, specify which field sort order to use for data display.

The record is then displayed according to any data visibility settings made in the form and in the form fields.

Customize the layout with your own CSS

You can embed your own CSS with Visforms. How to do this is described in this documentation article: Customize form layout with CSS.

The display is in an HTML table. A label-value pair is displayed in each table row. Rows and cells of the HTML table have a meaningful and easily addressable CSS class structure. This CSS class structure makes it possible to format element groups as well as each element individually.