Special feature may not be directly supported by Visforms

Sometimes a feature is not directly supported by Visforms. This can have a variety of reasons. In many of these cases, however, there is often a way to achieve the desired feature with custom JavaScript programming or custom CSS rules.

Individual design with CSS

In certain cases, however, it can happen that you want to adapt the entire layout of the page and/or the design of selected fields to your needs in a very specific way. These customizations are usually fairly easy to do with some custom CSS. This requires at least basic knowledge of CSS.

Individual functions with JavaScript

In another situation, you might want to extend Visforms with special functionality. A great deal of this particular functionality can usually be achieved by adding some custom JavaScript code. This requires at least basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Load customizations only if parts of visforms are also displayed

The challenge is also to load the JavaScript code and CSS rules only when Visforms is actually displayed:

  • Form,
  • Data,
  • Edit data.

The Visforms Frontend Web Assets

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

With the Plugin Visforms - Frontend Webassets of the Visforms Subscription you can easily create JavaScript code and CSS rules in the form configuration.

Front-end web assets in Visforms are initially JavaScript code or CSS rules that you can store directly in the form configuration.
You can enter your adjustments directly:

  • separated by JavaScript code and CSS rules and
  • separated by display type or display type (e.g. form, data detail, data list, success message).

It is not necessary to take care of the correct HTML nodes.
You just fill in the JavaScript or CSS and it will take care of the rest Plugin Visforms - Frontend Webassets.