Listbox, radios and checkboxes

Configure listbox, radiobutton and checkbox group fields

Radio buttons, list boxes and check box groups usually offer the user a list of options. From these, the user can select a maximum of one option for a radio button, and one or many options for list boxes and checkbox groups. This section describes how to create the list of selectable options.

The option

Label and value

Each option has an explanatory Label and a reported Value. In the case of radio button and checkbox groups, the label becomes the label that is displayed above or in front of the respective selection point. In the case of list boxes, it is the displayed text of the respective list box entry. Only the invisible value itself is transmitted and saved when the appropriate option is selected.

Options with the same value

A common mistake when creating options is when creating two options that have the same value. This leads to unexpected errors and messages during form submission and data validation.

Notice: Please note that the values of all options in a list box must always be unique!

The default option

In addition, a maximum of one option in an option list can be set as the default value. This option is then selected by default in the form.

Create option list

Creating options is easy and self-explanatory.

Button ‘New option’

In the Field Configuration, click on the ‘New Option’ button. Fill in parameter Name and parameter Value with the values you want to assign to the option in your option list. Check the “Default” field if you want this option to be the preselected default option in your options list. Then click the Add Button (or “Add & New”). The option is now displayed in the options list. Repeat the process for each option you want to add to the options list.

Edit options

Click on the Change entry behind an option to reopen the option’s configuration window and change it. Click on the Delete entry behind the option to remove it from the list.

Order with Drag&Drop

Using the icon in the options list, you can directly drag and drop an option up or down in the display order with the mouse.

Caution: Please don't forget to save the field after making changes to the options list. Otherwise your entries will be lost!