Existence of email addresses

Verify the existence of an entered email address

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.


This feature adds a new option “Check email existence” in the field configuration for fields of type “email”. You can find this option directly on the “Basic settings” tab.

Verify existence of email addresses

New option in field configuration

If this option is ticked, the form will be inserted below the corresponding email input field

  • a button “Verify” and
  • an input field “Enter verification code”.

If the user clicks on the “Verify” button, a code is generated. The code will be emailed to the address provided. The code must then be entered in the “Enter verification code” field. Otherwise, the form cannot be sent.

New option in Configuration field

View in form

Valid codes are stored in a table in the database. This allows the codes to be clearly assigned to the email address and the form used. There is a maximum of one valid code for each email address.

If the user presses the “Verify” button several times, a new code is generated and sent each time. Only the last code sent is saved in the database. Codes older than 7 days are automatically deleted.


You can give the website user a hint on how the check for the existence of the email works and what to do. This text can be easily implemented with the “Custom Text” option on the “Advanced” tab. You can create such a “Custom Text” in Visforms for each field.

The two additional controls “Verify” button and input field for the code do not look 100% perfect in some layouts. Therefore, we have provided these two controls with individual CSS classes. This allows them to be easily customized with your own CSS.

The “Verify” button can be addressed via the CSS selector btn.verifyMailBtn. The input field in which the code must be entered can be addressed via the CSS selector input.verificationCode. Both elements also have their own unique ID. You must take this ID from the source code of the page, as this is of course different for each field in the form.

Integration with other Visforms features

If the email field is not mandatory and the user has not entered an email address, then of course no verification code is expected.

Email Fields that have email address verification enabled can safely be used as conditional fields. Verification is then only necessary if the field is actually displayed. The display takes place according to the “mandatory field settings” and the actual user input.

In the data editing views in the frontend, an email existence check is not carried out again. The “Verify” button and the form field for entering the verification code are therefore never displayed in the data editing views in the frontend.