Formatted text almost everywhere

With Visforms you can insert formatted text almost anywhere in the form and thus structure the form very flexibly. Free text can be placed to explain to the user in more detail what content is expected in an input field. Additional texts can also be used to form groups of input fields by inserting headings between certain fields.

Form option ‘Description’

Each form has a “Description” option in the “General” tab. You can use an editor to create formatted text that is displayed at the top of the form, above the form fields.

Field option ‘Custom text’

Each field has a ‘Custom Text’ option in the ‘Advanced’ tab. This is a versatile option that allows formatted text to be placed anywhere within the form by selecting the appropriate field.

The custom text can be entered using an editor and formatted accordingly. The ‘Position of user-defined text’ option determines whether the text should be inserted above or below the respective input field. For the special fields of the type “Submit-Button”, “Image Submit-Button” or “Reset-Button” the text is always displayed above the input field.

Field type ‘field separator’

Note: Use the field type 'Field Separator' to insert formatted text anywhere.

With the field type ‘Field Separator’ it is very easy to bring structure to a form, since it is not bound to an input field. You can place the field separator anywhere on the form. The field title is not displayed for this field type.

A field separator begins with an optional horizontal line. The ‘Frame not visible’ parameter controls whether the line is visible or not. If the line is set to invisible, the custom text is displayed. The text can be formatted with HTML in the editor, which allows you to customize it as much as possible.

These include, among other things

  • Headlines,
  • paragraphs,
  • Pictures,
  • formatted fonts and
  • Web Links.

Pre-processing with content plugins

Texts can be pre-processed via content plugins. Visforms triggers the <span class=code">onContentPrepare event on all custom texts listed here. This means that emails that you enter in such a text are automatically protected by email cloaking.