Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

The Visforms Subscription adds new field types to Visforms, which can be used to solve special requirements. The Location/Map field type, as the name suggests, can be used to display a location field on the form.

A location field essentially consists of two input fields. An input field for a latitude, and an input field for a longitude. There is also a button that allows the user to write their current location directly into the form fields.

System requirements

The Visforms Subscription must be installed.

You also need a Google Maps API key if you want to use the map function of the location field. You can get Google Maps API Keys for free from Google.

Range of functions

  • Add a pair of latitude and longitude input fields to the form and store location information in the database.
  • Validation that latitude and longitude are valid geo coordinates.
  • Use user’s current location per click as input values.
    This feature uses the web browser Geolocation API.
  • Determine location data of an address and use it as input values.
    This function uses the Google Geocoder API.
  • Option to choose whether a Google Map should also be displayed in the form and show a marker if location data is available.
  • Location fields can be conditional fields.
  • Option to choose whether saved location data should be displayed as a map when displaying data in the frontend.
    There is a separate option for lists and detail view.
  • Set map height and zoom factor individually for each display.
    This is possible for display in form, frontend list view and frontend detail view.
  • Search in frontend data views in location data.
    This also includes the proximity search.
  • Use location data for search only without showing location field in data list in frontend.