Set up emails with Visforms

Visforms itself does not send emails in the technical sense, but only sets up specific emails and passes them to the Joomla Mailer object for actual sending.

In Visforms you configure manually or it is set at runtime with the plugin:

  • the email addresses,
  • the sender name,
  • the subject texts.

Note: All other settings are configured in Joomla or other areas.

Send emails with Joomla

All basic technical email settings that underlie the successful sending of an email are not part of the functionality of Visforms.
These settings are made as follows in the Joomla configuration.

The Joomla Mailer object for sending follows the configuration for sending emails in Joomla at:
Joomla Dashboard » System » Configuration » ‘Server’ tab, ‘Emailing’ group.

Note: Be sure to use the 'Send test email' button after configuring email sending in the Joomla configuration. Use this to check whether Joomla has successfully sent emails independently of Visforms.

Note: The configuration for sending emails in Joomla should be the first point when looking for a solution to problems.