Success Page and Success Message

Forwarding and individual result text

You can make settings that determine what should happen after the form has been successfully submitted. Without any special settings, Visforms redirects the user of your website to the home page. There the simple message “Form sent successfully” appears in the Joomla message container.

But you can also store an individual success message or forward the user to any success page. You can make settings for this in the form configuration under the Result tab.

Display of individual result texts

Enter the desired formatted text in the form configuration under the Result tab in the editor field for “Result text”. The user is then automatically directed to a separate page where the result text is displayed. You can also use whatever input the user has entered in the form in the result text.
See: Data in Emails & Success Message.

Redirect to any page

Internal and external pages

Alternatively, you can redirect the user to any internal or external page. This can be a specific article or a view of the form data. More about this in: Storage and Usage of User Data. To do this, enter the internal or external URL in the form configuration under the Result tab under “Redirect URL”.

Please note: If you want to use an internal URL starting with index.php, you must always use the original URL.
Like index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=1 with the correct id’s), and NOT the SEF URL, i.e. index.php/thank-you-post.
This URL is then automatically converted to a SEF URL according to the SEF settings for your website.

Redirect to another form

It is not possible with Visforms to split a form into several subforms. However, you can use the above option to forward the user directly to another form after he has filled out a form.

Append form data as URL parameters

Here you have the option of attaching the transmitted form data to a forwarding URL as a URL parameter. The data from the previous form can then be used as default values in the second form. More on this in: Default Values as URL Parameters . This is done in the field configuration under the Advanced tab using the “Append to Redirect URL” option.

If you enable this option for a field, the user input for that field is appended to the redirect URL in the format “fieldname=userinput”. The option is only available for those field types for which appending data to the forwarding URL makes sense. This does not include the upload fields or text areas. For Select and Checkbox Group fields, the URL parameter has the format “fieldname[]=userinput”.

Note: You can either display an individual result text or redirect the user to any page. It is not possible to use both options at the same time. If you specify a redirect URL, it always takes precedence and the result body is not used.

The Visforms Subscription offers you some interesting additional forwarding options. More on this in: Redirect Options.