Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

Multi-page forms with overview page and progress bar

The Visforms Subscription feature “Multi-page forms” allows to further structure the layout of a form. You can split a form into multiple pages. You can also group the form fields together, which are displayed as an accordion.

This can be particularly helpful with very extensive forms and contribute to clarity. The structuring only serves to structure the content and clarity. The structuring does not offer the possibility to send off individual parts of the form in order to continue filling out the form in full later.

Submitting parts of the form as described is possible with the “Multi-page form” extension. More on this in: Editing data in the frontend. In the case of multi-page forms, the user must, as usual, first enter all the information in the form before he can submit the entire form.

The Multi-Page Form extension offers you these interesting features:

  • Divide a form into any number of pages.
  • Group the fields of a form into accordion groups.
  • Add a summary page to a form.
  • Show the user his progress.

Thanks to a manageable number of useful form options, you can flexibly control the specific design of a multi-page form.

In this demo form, we chose a progress bar and table layout for the summary page.
More on this in: Multi-page form .

In this demo form, we’ve decided against a summary page and opted for an accordion layout.
More on this in: Accordion Layout .