Edit View Return Link

Specify a redirect URL

You can specify any redirect URL in the Redirect Options in the form configuration.
This redirect URL determines where to navigate after submitting the form.

More about this in: Specify a redirect URL.

Call up an edit view manually

You can also access Visforms views directly using the corresponding URL.
So even outside of Visforms, you can directly access Visforms views with a URL you have written yourself.

To directly call up the edit view of a form data record, use the following URL.


The following adjustments to your situation are necessary:

  • my-domain Your Joomla domain.
  • id=2 The form ID to which the form data belongs.
  • cid=2 The record ID of the form record to be opened in edit mode.
  • Itemid=107 The menu entry ID of the Joomla menu entry of the Visforms data view with edit link.

Note: After leaving the edit view, Joomla automatically navigates to the configured Joomla homepage.

Add the “return” URL parameter to the edit view

Visforms works internally with the URL parameter return in the URL to the edit view. When an edit view is called via Visforms, Visforms automatically adds the return URL parameter to the URL. The value for the return URL parameter contains the URL to return to. Returning occurs when Cancel or Save is clicked in the edit view.

Note: After leaving the edit view, Visforms automatically navigates to the page specified in the return URL parameter.

The URL parameter is base64_url_encoded

The URL parameter return is visforms.base64_url_encoded.

The Visforms function visforms.base64_url_encode is a function in the Visforms HTMLHelper class and does the following:

  • Base64 encodes the specified URL.
  • Replaces the characters + / = with the corresponding character from - _ ,.
strtr(base64_encode($val), '+/=', '-_,');

Copy the URL parameter from Visforms

Note: To call an edit view for the desired form data record, you do not have to call this Visforms function yourself.

It is best to look at the URL in the web browser when you access data editing via the Visforms data view with Edit Link. The URL for calling the Visforms data view then contains the URL parameter return with the correct value. You need to add this URL parameter return with this value to your link URL.

Below is an example of a complete URL for calling an edit view of a form data record with the inserted URL parameter return.

URL parameter return:


Complete URL for calling an edit view with the inserted URL parameter return:

http://localhost/developj5/index.php?option=com_visforms&view=edit&layout=edit&task=edit.editdata&id=2&cid=1&return=aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdC9kZXZlbG9wajUvaW5kZXgucGhwL3Rlc3QtZm9ybS90ZXN0LWZvcm 0tZGF0YS1lZGl0&Itemid=107

Exit the edit view to any URL

Returning to the record list after leaving the edit view is built into Visforms. The return to the record list described above is just an example of a way to leave the edit view and navigate to a specific website.

You can navigate to any web page in the same way after exiting edit view. In this case, you must determine and enter the value of the URL parameter return yourself once.