Getting Started

First steps

Note: These features are part of the Visforms Subscription and are not included in the free Visforms version.

For a better understanding, we recommend reading the documentation completely and using the Section Introduction to start.
Relationships explained in earlier sections of the documentation are not repeated here.

Note: Please make sure you have installed your Visforms Subscription.

What the extension contains

The extension adds a new field type “New Page” to your Visforms installation. This field type allows you to split the fields of a form across multiple pages and create true multi-page forms. You can also group the fields into clear accordion groups. In the form configuration, under the “Advanced” tab, new options for configuring the summary page, the progress display and multiple pages are added.

The following is possible:

  • Choose between the display options multi-page form or accordion groups.
  • Set your own text for the back buttons.
  • Set your own text for the button that leads to the summary page.
  • Set your own text for the correction button on the summary page.
  • Create a description for the summary page.
  • Specify whether the description should appear at the top or bottom of the summary page.
  • Choose between five different HTML layouts for displaying the summary: Table, definition list, unordered list, ordered list and paragraph.
  • Set your own class attributes for the main HTML element of the summary: table, dl, ol, ul, div.
  • Show a progress bar to the user.
  • When using the form in modules with little space, use short texts in the progress bar.

Please note that the “Multi-page” or “Accordion” display type is a form option. All “New Page” fields are therefore displayed the same way on a form, either as a page break or as an accordion group.

Note: It is not possible to mix the display type within a single form.

Please read the next section on how to create a multi-page form: The Multi-Page Form.

In the following section you will learn how to combine the fields of a form into accordion groups: The accordion layout.