From form generator to application builder

A very solid basic functionality is already available in the free Joomla form component Visforms. In addition, we offer a paid Subscription for Visforms. This expands the free Visforms version with numerous and far-reaching functions and plugins.

On the one hand, the Visforms Subscription enables you to integrate your forms perfectly into the design of your website with little effort thanks to comprehensive UI framework support. Responsive, multi-column displays can be easily implemented. The quality of the effort-free implementation is only limited by the quality of the UI template used, in which Visforms displays its forms.

On the other hand, with the Visforms Subscription it is possible to open up completely new areas of application for Visforms in handling and processing the transferred user data. In short, the Subscription turns an already powerful form generator into an application development platform.

Full description of the many advanced features and possibilities of the Visforms Subscription

Additional Options
The Subscription comes with many additional options for forms and fields with extensive possibilities such as exporting and importing the complete form definition
Die Subscription Plugins erweitern die Anzeige von Formular und Daten und erweitern die Möglichkeiten mit Mail-Adressen, Mail-Anhängen und Redirects
Edit data in the frontend
Let the users edit the transmitted data directly in the frontend
Search Tools
Search in the submitted form data using the Joomla! Search Index Module and the Joomla! Search Index Component or display search filters in the front-end data views
Multi-page forms
This extension allows you to further structure the layout of a form. This can be particularly helpful for very extensive forms and contribute to clarity
Field Types
The field types Calculation, Location/Map, Signature and all SQL fields with dynamic option lists
Subscription Layouts
Responsive and multi-column forms when using UIKit and Bootstrap templates are added with the UI framework integration of the Visforms Subscription
Form Data
Your advanced options for handling the submitted form data
Form Validation
Your options to check the submitted form beyond the mere validation
Create PDF Documents
Download PDF files with the data you have transferred in the frontend or create and download PDF files very flexibly directly in the administration